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Reliability is paramount to manufacturing at Cogent Technology because it underpins our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. In the highly competitive technology sector, consistent reliability ensures that our products meet stringent industry standards and perform as expected under all conditions. This trustworthiness is crucial for maintaining strong client relationships and upholding our reputation for excellence.

In a sector such as aerospace, where safety and precision are critical, the reliability of our products directly impacts the safety and success of end-users. Thus, reliability at Cogent Technology not only fosters operational success but also reinforces our dedication to delivering innovative, dependable solutions that drive industry progress.

World Class Service

Cogent Technology provides volume PCB Assembly services to industries demanding the highest level of product integrity.

Although each sector has very differing regulatory demands and challenges in assembly and supply chain management, they are all underpinned by a system unique to Cogent Technology, MaPS



Unrivalled Control

Our unique software platform, MaPS, gives Cogent Technology unrivalled, centralised, monitoring and planning of our entire operations from end to end.

MaPS enables Cogent Technology to deliver world-class quality products, on-time at competitive costs.

What our clients say

We are very pleased with the quality and consistency of the finished product as produced by Cogent Technology. They demonstrate a consistently high level of skill, commitment and importantly flexibility in getting the product to our customer base. Furthermore, their design input has made a significant contribution to the overall product manufacturability and quality.”

Head of Manufacturing and Regulatory

Cancer Diagnostics

“Cogent Technology’s drive for continuous improvement in processes and technology and their focus on quality, ensures they are able to reinforce their ethos of ‘Excellence in Manufacture’, this is why we are happy to say they are still our chosen CMO partner after 30 years.”


Gas and Liquid Flow

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