“I’ve been auditing companies around the world for 20 years, and this is the best quality management system I’ve seen. Impressive.”

Your unique route to quality

One of the unique and outstanding aspects that sets Cogent Technology apart is MaPs, which enables unrivalled centralised monitoring and planning of our entire operation, provides access to our QMS, change control, concession authority and capacity planning, and allows close monitoring of vital KPIs.

MaPS controls the work stack of the indirect team, from estimating through to document control and provision of production tooling.

Manufacturing stages are planned with a focus on capacity and capability, with an integrated matrix of training which ensures the right tools are on hand for your PCB Assembly job and flagging training needs ahead of the time.

The whole process begins with Contract Review; part of our PO entry gate, this launches the necessary activities, controlled via Contract Review Actions, Green House (NPI), NPI Hot House or Fast track Hot House ensuring the right path for your product.

Our client focused approach means that monitoring and controlling every aspect of your PCB Assembly requirements, to ensure quality and on-time delivery is at the heart of everything we do and our MaPS, only found at Cogent Technology, puts us in an unrivalled position.

The Benefits of MaPs

Improved Efficiency

MaPS provides greater control of resources by using the high level plan to drive team plans and individuals work stacks ensuring less waste and reducing costs for clients.


Changes to your schedule can be easily reviewed and processed to give timely responses to your requests to ensure your peaks in demand are met and we can prioritise your requirements.

On time delivery

We have defined quality gates and daily sunset meetings in place which flag early warning of potential issues triggering communication with our customers where necessary, ensuring we meet our lead times and client expectations.

Improved client response

Live order status tracking in MaPS enables us to quickly redeem information needed to go back to our client and update on order status.

KPI performance

MaPS enables us to measure and monitor Key Performance Indicators to drive continuous improvement in accordance with our regulatory requirements. This gives you confidence and peace of mind that your products are being produced to a high standard on a repeatable basis.

Quality Assured

Our quality policy begins with our ethos ‘to measure and continuously improve in an open and honest environment’ , which is managed through our QMS within MaPS. This makes it quick for the Cogent team to verify policies, procedures and auditing purposes, or clients conducting their due diligence when selecting a CMO partner.

Drives contract review actions

On receipt of your order a PO Entry Gate is held to determine the level of contract review meeting required. Actions are assigned as a result of the meeting and are linked to the clients order and monitored and recorded in accordance with the deadlines defined by the High Level Plan. This ensures tooling and assembly documentation is in place prior to production.

Facilitates strategic planning

The system helps us identify untapped production capacity which enables us to respond positively to existing client needs and new sales opportunities ensuring we have the necessary skills available for your requirements.

Case Studies

Manufacturing 13,000 ventilators in 12 weeks? No problem. Building life-enhancing cancer diagnostics? Simple. Keeping clients for over 30 years? Easy. Read about some of our projects – and then find out what we can do for you.

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