Series Transfer, Taken Seriously

Relocate your manufacturing with confidence

“Life is filled with difficult decisions, and winners are those who make them.”

Dan Brown

Transferring your manufacturing is not a decision taken lightly by either you or your business. It is a thoroughly thought-out strategy that has been in discussion for a while and now leads you here with a mission to find a CMO with the right credentials to meet the idiosyncrasies of your project.

Engaging with Cogent you will find a team that understands the complexities behind your requirements and what is needed to make a transfer work for you. Our people have the skills, experience, a world class facility, and the processes which are the ultimate recipe for a smooth, controlled manufacturing transfer. 

You empower us with your decision to transfer, then watch the Cogent team deliver the results you need to obtain quality, efficiency, flexibility and growth for your portfolio.


Series Transfer Project

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Project plan created for Transfer and shared with you.
  • Open Book Policy for Materials & Labour
  • Experienced Procurement Team
  • Full MRP System
  • PRINCE2 Qualified Planning Team
  • Unique MaPS system – Delivers QMS, change control, concession authority and capacity planning.
  • The Team’s Passion for “Building Technology to Enhance Lives”.

The Transfer Project Plan will establish the key milestones, covering not only actions assigned to the Cogent team as your manufacturer but those assigned to the client, your team and any key sub tier suppliers who will impact the plan.

A key element in our planning process is the establishment of a risk register, this allows us to consider how we might mitigate risk and head issues off at the pass. You won’t eliminate all hurdles but you’ll know how to get over more of them.

Always Communicating

Cogent Technology has embedded good planning within it’s unique MaPs system so much of what we do is driven by process.

But you cannot achieve great things without good communication. Your dedicated project manager will constantly monitor progress and provide the glue between Cogent and all other project partners. We will host regular reviews to bring our teams together and ensure your transfer project is running to plan, review constraints and set about overcoming them.

Once a transfer project is complete, the journey to continuously improve the competitiveness of your product begins with rolling reviews of BOMs costs, yield improvement and scheduling methodologies.

Case Studies

Manufacturing 13,000 ventilators in 12 weeks? No problem. Building life-enhancing cancer diagnostics? Simple. Keeping clients for over 30 years? Easy. Read about some of our projects – and then find out what we can do for you.

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