Cogent Technology has implemented a YJ Link YL-LINK YLM-00 NOVLUX CO2 Laser Marking Machine within its SMT production processes replacing the traditional labelling activity to enhance its smart factory, low-cost manufacturing methods.

Laser marking provides a permanent and durable marking solution that is resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. The marking can remain legible for the life of the product, improving its branding and aesthetic value. Furthermore, the laser marking process is non-contact, eliminating the risk of physical damage to the PCB or electronic components during the marking process.

In addition, laser marking can help eliminate the risks associated with labelling errors or misplacement. Any traditional labelling method such as stickers or inks may fall off or fade over time, leading to potential product defects, recalls, or returns. By contrast, laser marking provides a reliable and efficient method for marking the PCB, with no additional costs or maintenance required.

In summary, laser marking a unique serial number on a PCB provides numerous benefits. It enhances product traceability, provides permanent and durable markings, is a low cost and faster process than labelling and mitigates the risks associated with traditional labelling methods.

If you wish to discuss with us further the benefits that Laser Marking can bring to your product then please get in contact with our sales team.

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